¡ A T T E N T I O N !

cropped-6af8f82c-97b5-42de-b57e-2da1b617dd75.pngThis page started when a simple answer to a simple question turned out to have a lot more questions. The question was: “How do we get the right attention for the progression and results of the – sponsored – Y workshops at the Rietveld Academy?“.

  • The first answer was: Put It On The Web”. Many ways to do so, we tell you how, in case you don’t know.
  • The real answer is: Create Good Art.
    Which of course is the right answer, though that has a lot more to say about is. Even when you manage to create undisputed good art – can art be good when it is undisputed? – there is no guarantee for proper attention. We’ll come up some ideas on that as well.

So anyhow.
This page now shows the making of the announced sYllabus, including much of the side issues that come along. In the menu above there is an introduction, there are interviews, the business side, a how to section, some links and more.

Finally the best advise is: Do Not Do What We Tell You.

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