These are more or less random picked websites from artist, with remarks.

Kunstschilder Ans Markus

  • Maintained by ‘creators for small business”
  • She sells a book
  • (no Facebook or any other social media links)

Folkert de Jong – Studio Folkert de Jong

  • Has not been updated since 2011, his gallery’s do the job for him

Rob Scholte Museum

  • Rob has raised his own museum and actively blogs, tweets and posts on FaceBook

Welcome to | Jeff Koons

  • Jeff has an very exemplary obediently site. Created with the Drupals content management system and with FaceBook, Twitter and Instagram links.


Home – Damien Hirst

Damien has it all, even a shop:

/ News/ Artworks/ Projects/ Biography/ Exhibitions/ Video/ Texts/ Image Licensing/ Shop

••• sponsored link: •••

design by who work for the Tate Museum too.

Fiona Tan

I think here gallery do the work for her:

Frith Street Gallery, London
Wake Works of Art, Tokyo

And Constant – of course – made his site to a piece of art on it’s own.

And by the way KickStarted DullTech™ (on Sale at