attention |əˈtɛnʃ(ə)n – aan·dacht (de) – Attention_seeking

1 the issue clearly needs further attention: observation, attentiveness, intentness, notice, concentration, heed, heedfulness, mindfulness, regard, scrutiny; contemplation, consideration, deliberation, thought, thinking, studying, investigation, action.
2 he was likely to attract the attention of a policeman: awareness, notice, observation, consciousness, heed, recognition, regard, scrutiny, surveillance, attentiveness; curiosity, inquisitiveness.
3 they failed to give adequate medical attention: care, treatment, therapy, ministration, succour, relief, support, aid, help, assistance, service.
4 the parson was effusive in his attentions: courtesy, civility, politeness, respect, gallantry, urbanity, deference; compliment, flattery, blandishment; overture, suggestion, approach, suit, pass, wooing, courting.
pay attention
an assortment of motivational tools is necessary to keep them in class and paying attention: listen, be attentive, attend, concentrate on, concentrate on hearing, give ear to, lend an ear to; hang on someone’s words.
aandacht (de)

bewuste, gerichte belangstelling
▲ betekenisverwante termen
hyperoniem: belangstelling
synoniem(en): gehoor
hyponiem(en): concentratie, exposure, extraversie, medeleven, toewijding
antoniem(en): afwezigheid
▲ context
iets in iemands aandacht aanbevelen
de aandacht afleiden van iem. of iets
ik dank u voor uw aandacht
slotzin van een toespraak of lezing
iets met gespannen aandacht volgen
met zeer grote aandacht
de aandacht gevangen houden
aan de aandacht ontsnappen
niet opgemerkt worden
met onverdeelde aandacht
de aandacht opeisen
alle aandacht richten op iets
aandacht schenken aan iem. of iets
een schreeuw om aandacht
de aandacht trekken
zijn aandacht versnipperen
de aandacht vestigen op iem. of iets
aandacht wijden aan iem. of iets
(in België) aandacht!

Attention seeking (also called drawing attention or garnering attention) is behaving in a way which is in pursuit of attention from others. Where such behaviour is excessive and inappropriate, the term is often used pejoratively in respect of children’s behaviour in front of peers, or negative domestic interactions. Enjoying the attention of others is socially acceptable in some situations.[1] In some instances, however, the need for attention can lead to difficulties and may highlight underlying ones. As a tactical device, it is used in combat, theatre (upstaging) and it is fundamental to marketing.