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(Even in 1980 I subscribed as an small art entrepreneur in the Chamber of Commerce, and got myself a VAT, a VAR example contract, and a TAXMAN. It all is somewhere here at I also founded some Non Profit organisations: Like Foundation TYP, PARK4DTV and even more. Look me up at find my home address (which is the address of a buying-and-selling-space-for-art-at-home, search that and find something like this. I hesitate to say that you should do the same thing, nonetheless more is better, do it all)

At first I claimed and (long time ago) as a domain name. Today that goes together with a webhosting package at (they changed names and business over the years). There might be similar, better and or cheaper providers. But I like them, if I have questions they answer very quick. They also host my mail service, i use several mail addresses for separate project, you can mail me at for instance.

It comes together with a web hosting automation program: Plesk/Paralles which means that with little knowledge I control what I need.
And: the tip for you too: With one click it installs a WordPress Blog. Looking around, a lot of artist use that their portfolio. Why: It has several good designed (minimal) templates, that are easily changed my preference. What is important too: most of these templates adjust to the device and or browser on which it is viewed. So no bother to do extra work for either and old PC with Internet Explorer or a modern iPhone with Firefox.

There are extensive help files all around, and good how to video’s. That way it is easy to keep your site up to date. And even collaborate with others who contribute to your site, you can add users and give the appropriate access.

All kinds of plug ins for general use: Link WordPress to Social Media, Embed your Vimeo’s, Easily Create Portfolio Slide Shows.

And: Google Bots know their way…


(work in progress)