Tools for Video and Social Media – annotated

Audio and Video


  1. Coda
    To connect to and change my websites, transfer files, write HTML code
  2. iMovie
    Since my best camera is an iPhone  (and since FCPro terribly slowed down and what the X is nobody knows) for simple in and out cuts, crossfades and titles in Video’s for the web, this does do the job, as in some cases the Vimeo app does do too.
  3. Keynote
    I never use it, though I still visit artist talks where proper Keynotes (Powerpoint) are shown…
  4. Vimeo
    I like it better than YouTube, (since I got confused with verifying accounts with Google). And they focus more on professional movies instead of incidental cat movies and so. And the give you good <<embed code>>.
  5. YouTube though still is fine too.
  6. MailChimp!
    The overall popular mailing list. OK, you can be a professional spammer now. It’s easy. Though: Think Twice.
  7. SoundCloud is for sound the what vimeo is for video.
    Still these kind of (free) services are competing and want to be like everybody else. Now SoundCloud wants to be Spotify, so keep an ear on what is happening. And they all want to be a social network.








  1. Twitter
    I use it as a one-way medium. Just to do announcements, more or less to replace an ‘official’ press announcement. I seldom use it to interact.
    A great advantage is the available ‘widget’ (look it up in settings) the generates easy code that you can copy and paste on you webpages. That way you can update easy enough from anywhere.
    I have used it almost anywhere: see for instance.
  2. LinkedIn
    Yes I have a page there too. And a more or less true curriculum.
  3. (Skype is just Skype I use it for the people who don’t have FaceTime)
  4. Instagram
    Yes, Instagram seems to be popular among visual artists. I have it to look at things, but this is a typical case that is depending on the circle that you (want to) belong to.
  5. Tumblr is a quick and dirty way to have a content managed blog. It hasn’t got all the controls WordPress has but that might be the advantage as well. If you like, posts are automatically mirrored to Twitter and FaceBook. I use it for and (who just takes a picture from a new print with his iPhone and it instantly is available on his webpage.
  6. (whatsapp is no publishing medium)
  7. FaceBook
    Well its love and hate.
    At first: it's free, and that means you are the product, they control you. Second: Attention is manipulated. And with a very very brief attention span, even among your 'friends'. The story of my friend Max Kisman is illustrative: He has a nice webshop where he sells good art: textile and print. For small budget he has Valentine Postcards. €7,50. Last Valentine Day he did post a special offer on FaceBook: This Week only €6,50, a real bargain. Over 400 friends liked that. Just none of them bought it. But OK.

    Next to your personal account – where you have to control the balance between personal and private life – it is nice and useful to have and Product/Art Page and for Events it is nice to use. And it is all very self explanatory.
    Anyhow I do. Once in a while. (though has no FaceBook…)
    And, by the way: FaceBook answers Periscope: Mentions:

  8. tsū
    New FaceBook competitor : Has to develop but the greatest advantage is: They pay you for quality contributions. Small amount, but the pricipal idea is OK.

  9. Pages
    Manages FaceBook Pages
  10. Meerkat
    Go Live Video! Like Twitters Periscope, and like the (upcoming) FaceBook Mentions, only for those who are ‘verified’…
  11. WordPress
    Well, this is a WordPress blog. Hosted on my ‘own’ site, And there will be a separate post on that.
  12. – 26
    Well, you will have to find out yourself. Quip and Slack are collaborative tools for getting a plan together. Flickr I never got the hang of it, but did do a nice post ten years ago…
    Kickstarting has a page on it’s own.